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Handle Powering Your Cellular phones or any other Small Electrical Devices With Solar Power!

The type Power 6-watt folding solar charger with power bank 5.0 is a superb portable charging system to provide power for all you handy and essential gadgets out and about. Suitable for emergencies, camping, hiking, traveling or any outdoor activity when traditional power supplies are certainly not available. This compact system can integrate an ordinary size rucksack or luggage for ones traveling needs. Recharges iPads, cellular phones, handheld games and video players, tablets, cameras, GPS and other portable electronics which are furnished with a pc usb port.

This compact, lightweight solar powered energy charging system is completely portable all-in-one kit and it is an opportune tool for charging lots of different smartphone's and also other portable electronics which can be built with a USB. Two charging options; Make use of the 6 watt folding solar panel 5.5 volt USB output to directly charge your small camera in daytime, just merely plug your device into the USB input port within the solar power, then place the screen in sunshine, equipped with handy O-rings will allow you to hang the system for simple charging. Or perhaps makes use of the power banks powerful 5000m Amp Lithium-Polymer Battery to store power in order to charge two devices at a time anytime, anywhere night or day. Designed with a straightforward to see battery status indicator, informs you the amount of power you have. Once the system has to be recharged simply just plug to the included 6-Watt solar cell, then place the screen in sunlight giving you long power anytime.

For your leisure you may even charge the unit with the included AC adapter enabling you to plug into any electrical outlet alternatively you can utilize USB port cable to plug into your laptop for quick charging. The power station comes with a very good over-charge/ discharge/ over-current and short-circuit protection to maintain your electronics protected from over charging or discharging.
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